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Towson High School Environmental Club

Calendar and Events

Any and  every day is a good day to go green, and that's why the E-club has events that are open to everyone.  Campus cleanups, tree-plantings etc...  You'll find all the information you need for any event (day, time, place, sign-up) right here.


THS' Environmental Club has multiple groups that all work to achieve different environmental goals.  From the Memorial Garden project to managing the club Instagram, students are devoted to making Towson High School a more environmentally conscious place.

Learning Resources

Understanding the environment, particularly our local one, is the foundation of change.  If you're searching for the impacts of Monarch Butterflies on Maryland's environment, for the benefits of compost, or for the different bird species found in Maryland, then search no further.  


Towson High School's Environmental club is a diverse and dynamic group who:

-raises awareness in our community and in our school.

-advocates for greener lifestyles

-has a variety of engaging projects

-is always open to new ideas

There is no Planet B


Photos from the Green-60 Challenge

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